About Us

Hello, I am Lee, wife to David, mum to Rhys and two fur balls who think there were born human. I run an online jewellery business, as well as studying towards taking my ballet teachers exam whilst teaching to pre-schools and nursery schools in the area. I am currently writing a special-needs based ballet programme to teach at Special Needs Schools. But mostly I am full-time mum to Rhys who was diagnosed with Down Syndrome Trisomy 21 8 weeks after birth. Dave is an entrepreneur and runs an online professional audio and lighting business.

Collectively, we all lead very hectic lives whilst living on the beautiful serene North Coast of KwaZulu Natal, but we make time for each other every day in our schedule and thankfully have a very close-knit family who is very hands-on and there to support and help with Rhys when we can’t be.¬†

I hope to inspire other families in similar situations with hope and encouragement in journaling about our daily lives, the raw truth of it all is we don’t know what our future holds, but we are positive and always try to look on the bright side of raising a child nurturing an extra chromosome.¬†